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Mobile Craft Cocktails in Knoxville, Tennessee


What makes a great bar?

Good drinks, interesting stories, sociable people, a respite from the day. There is always a sense of possibility, a connection to history and to other corners of the world.

You don’t have to go to a great bar to have a great bar experience. Libacious brings that friendly sophistication to your party. We know that the bar often provides guests their first impression of an event, and that drinks can be the lifeblood of the celebration. While most guests never even see the caterer, they interact directly with the bartenders. We make sure those interactions are as engaging as the drinks we serve.

From signature cocktails tailored to your tastes to beverage consultation with our in-house wine and beer sommeliers, Libacious will make your party sparkle. We will craft the personalized drink menu of your dreams and serve it in style. We will work closely with you, your planner, and your caterer to ensure that your drink service measures up to your celebration. Contact us today. Raise the bar.

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