Team Libacious

Casey, Jesse and Amanda are Libacious! Our expertise, enthusiasm and creative energy are at your service. We want you and your guests to have as much fun drinking our cocktails as we have making them. 

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Casey Fox

COO, Classic Cocktails Division

The child of a restaurant owner and sommelier, Casey learned from an early age the important role drinks play in fostering communion and celebration. Whether it’s red wine in Rioja, gin in London, or homemade mead from a roadside stand in the mountains of Montenegro, she loves exploring drinking cultures around the world. She's at various times been a bartender, a barista and an event coordinator. Casey has a particular affinity for pre-prohibition cocktails, possibly because she was born on the anniversary of the repeal of the Volstead Act.

Favorite Drink: Corpse Reviver No. 2
"Harry Craddock created several different Corpse Revivers, and though the recipes vary wildly, he recommended them all 'to be taken before 11 a.m., or whenever steam and energy are needed.' While I rarely drink the No. 2 -- the best of all the variations -- before 11, the combination of gin, Cocchi Americano (a modern substitute for the no-longer-available Kina Lillet), Cointreau, lemon and a dash of absinthe does indeed provide a bit of steam when I need it. It's also delicious as hell."

Unguilty Pleasure: red wine and grapefruit soda on ice

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Jesse Fox Mayshark

Chief Rum Officer

Jesse’s first job out of college was as a bartender at a pub in Manchester, U.K. The British notion of cocktails at the time was simple – a shot of liquor served with an airplane-bottle mixer. It wasn’t until later, living in Manhattan during the rebirth of craft cocktail culture, that he began to appreciate the range and complexity of quality mixed drinks. When he returned to Knoxville he started a drinks column called “Libacious” in the late, lamented Metro Pulse, to track the city's emerging cocktail scene. 
Favorite Drink: 'Ti Punch
"Not much to it, just rhum agricole plus cane syrup and lime. It's the best showcase for the specific grassy flavors of good rhum agricole. It tastes like spring rain.."
Unguilty Pleasure: White Russian (but only between Thanksgiving and New Year's)

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Amanda Mohney

VP of Bubbly

Amanda has spent years developing her tastes week in and week out as creator of the food blog Market Street Vegan. That experience led her to appreciate how beverages—alcoholic or otherwise—can be the most exciting and memorable part of the table. She has a special fondness for the rich tradition of Mexican drinks, from agua fresca to atole; the killer aroma of fresh produce in a glass; and carbonation.

Favorite Drink: Vieux Mot
"Gin and lemon form the base for a variety of refreshing cocktails, but this one is an inspiringly elegant answer to that need. At heart, it's a simple drink. But St. Germain adds a touch of floral complexity. The liqueur and simple syrup add just enough sweetness and body to make the drink not only bright, but also smooth."

Unguilty Pleasure: Coffee Old Fashioned