Frequently Asked Questions


Are you insured and permitted?
We carry liquor liability and general liability insurance to cover our services. All bartenders are TABC permitted. We do not sell alcohol, so we do not have a liquor license. When we work with nonprofit organizations to serve publicly at an event, the nonprofit client must apply online for a $100 special event license from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Why do I have to purchase the alcohol separately?
Since we are not a licensed liquor retailer, we can’t exchange any money for alcohol. After we work with you to develop your drinks menu, we will walk you through what to order and how much. We’ll recommend a vendor if you don’t have a preference, and even call in the order for you. All you need to do is pay for it! Because you will be buying directly from the vendor, you get their best price with no markup from us.

Can you provide the bar?
We can provide tables to work from, or help you find the right bar for your event from one of our local event rental companies. We also have a vintage mid-century tiki bar available for your tropical event. (Tiki bar comes with a surcharge, but totally worth it.)

So we get real glassware?
Libacious loves proper glassware! We match the right vessels to the right drinks. Your Tom Collins will be served in a Collins glass and your Manhattan will come in a coupe. But if you’d prefer plastic cups at your event, we can definitely accommodate you.

Will you provide table service at our dinner?
Our bartenders stick to the bar. We’re happy to keep the bar open throughout your event, but we leave table service to the food servers.

Do you travel?
Contact us to discuss events outside of Knox County.

Our event doesn’t quite fit into one of your packages. How flexible are you?
We like to stay adaptable! Just send us a note and we’ll discuss your specific needs.

Can you host a cash bar?
No, because we do not sell alcohol and can't accept money for drinks. But if you have a liquor license or special event license and want to have a cash bar, you or someone from your organization can sell drink tickets, and we can accept those for drinks. (That way, you manage all the cash directly without worrying about having to cash out the bar.)

What year did Campari stop using dye made from crushed beetles to get that shade of red?

Is that really a Frequently Asked Question?
No, we just like that story.